Pop-in Visits

We can offer POP-IN VISITS so that your cat, dog or other small family pet has total care while you are away from home; this could be for work, illness or just a day out.

POP-IN VISITS are suitable for small puppies, where day time feeding, outside play and human contact is essential. Very old pets or those requiring medication, company and a toilet break may need more than one visit.

Home visiting can not replace dog boarding during a holiday. Dogs “home alone” overnight is unacceptable.

We have had pet chickens, if you have pet chickens then we can look after them. We can let them out, we can put them in, we can clean them, we can feed them and collect eggs.

Guinea Pigs and Rabbits included.

We cover an area of approximately six miles around SK22 1EF

£9.00 for half an hour locally. (15 minute from our home)
£12.50 for half an hour. (Further than 15 minutes from our home)
£15.00 for one hour